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Writers in the Wild

Writing | Hiking | Camaraderie

Get Away &
Get Inspired

Let's face it, writing is a solitary endeavor. You're hunched over your laptop or keyboard in an office or living room trying to make magic happen while life is coming at you from all directions. But what if you could get away from it all and get inspired? A luxury room with a serene atmosphere, guided meditation, hiking the most beautiful trails... these are the tools you will use to connect with nature and tap into your own creative spirit. And did we mention the camaraderie?


This isn't one of those retreats where you give up comfort for seclusion. You won't find a tired cabin with a cramped living room where all the guests have to fight for space to write. With large venues boasting thousands of square feet of living space and many acres of serene grounds, you will tune into your muse and find out what it means to truly decompress. 


[note: this is a women-only retreat.]


Registration for the
Catskills Retreat
Retreat dates: October 20-24, 2023

"This was absolutely fantastic. It was the perfect blend of luxury and nature - comfort and solitude. The group size was also perfect. As a writer, I was able to focus, overcome some of my issues with my current manuscript and really get writing! As an introvert, I was also able to find the right balance of being around people and alone time to ensure I was in the right headspace to fulfill my intention for the retreat. Thank you for creating the perfect opportunity for me to find the freedom I needed to get over the fear of finishing my manuscript - I found that little intention booklet a really nice way to start the retreat, by the way!"
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