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Writers in the Wild are authors who crave the outdoors and a sisterhood of other writers to get out and explore it. Connecting to nature opens inspiration that you just can't get sitting in the local cafe or in your home office.


I created this retreat business to capture the essence of camaraderie that a group of local writers had when we started getting together for hikes. Turns out, we did our best writing on hiking days that included the connection to nature and each other. We talked about retreats we had attended and how it would be amazing to combine writing, hiking and a connection to nature into a retreat. And Writers in the Wild was born!

Your Host

I'm Kristi Leonard, and I'll be your retreat host. As a writer myself, I designed the kind of retreat I wanted to attend. I love all the retreats that have workshops, but I really want the time away from my family and home responsibilities so I can actually focus on writing. And the time I spend out in nature gives me the kind of energy I need to actually get the words on the page. Add in some guided meditation and some fellow writers to "talk shop" and it's a dream. I can't wait to meet you!

I am the current VP of Programs of the Women's Fiction Writers Association and have a lot of experience planning events and trips. When I am not writing or planning retreats, I am a voice-over talent for audiobooks. Florida is where I call home with my husband, son (2 daughters have already flown the coop) and my Goldendoodle, Maddie.

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Writing a Diary

Getting butts in seats

Our retreats are a place to get away, but they are also a place to go to get shit done. We will set aside time and an atmosphere to write, no matter what stage of the process you are in. 

Getting outside

Part of the magic for our little band of writer-hikers is getting out in nature. It gets us out of our heads and strengthens our bodies. Connecting with nature taps into that universal creativity and centers the writer to tune into it.


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Making connections

Being around a group of people who 'get you' is priceless. Community is a fantastic way to connect with others and even learn from them. When you leave, you will have widened your network and made some life-long friends.

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